Know what THE EMPRESS symbolizes and how it influences your life


The Empress is an archetypal symbol of feminine energy, Mother Earth, the goddess of fertility. She is ruled by the planet of love and sensuality, Venus. There is a mesmerizing aura surrounding her. The principal figure on this card is an image of an elegant looking empress with blonde hair. She is wearing a crown made of stars, showing her link with the magical world of angels. She is donning a robe with pomegranates printed on it, symbolizing prosperity and growth. She is sitting gracefully on a beautiful array of bolsters with a floating red velvet cloth embellished with the elegance of Venus. In the backdrop is a lush green abundant forest with a heavy stream running through it demonstrating the Empress’ deep loving connection with nature. The entire set up looks refreshing and rejuvenating that transmits a wave of energy and life. Just next to her feet are blooming wheat springs symbolizing the plentitude from the harvest.


Traditionally, the Empress is related to nurturing and warmth so it’s often associated with motherly love. This Tarot represents welcoming a new life. It is the card equivalent to a heavenly approval if you’re planning a family or even a new business. The Empress signifies abundance and prosperity.


An upright Empress is associated with femininity, which can be translated in plenty of aspects - fertility, sexuality, beauty, motherhood. The Empress card inspires you to get in touch with your feminine side. This Tarot represents pregnancy, so there can be good news on the cards. It is a symbol of pleasure meaning getting closer to oneself. It inspires you to treat yourself better, maybe getting a break or a short getaway. An upright Empress is a tremendously nurturing sign so you might experience incorporating certain motherly qualities. When you allow yourself to be more generous and be considerate of others, you’ll experience some positive changes around you like the ease of communicating and the ability to express more freely. Similar to the Empress, if you draw this card, you’ll be at the driver’s seat in your life. You are making wise choices and what appeared to be a happy coincident might be a clustered outcome of your efforts. Also, The Empress is an archetypal representation of mother Earth. Inspires you to get closer to nature.


A reverse Empress is a sign of relegation, losing the authority of yourself to focus on someone else’s emotional needs and material desires. A reversed version of this card symbolizes that you’ve been struggling with making choices and confusion is getting better of you. The reason behind is lack of awareness and personal struggles so self-introspection is indeed required. A reversed Empress indicates that you’re seeking something that is missing from your life and you don’t know where to find it. You’ll often find yourself in a very foul mood and will get easily agitated. This is a time of emotional turbulence in your life. You need to follow the footsteps of the Priestess who listens to her inner self.


The Empress in a Tarot spread always brings good news. It is a sign that your partner loves you to death and you should drop off any doubt that you ever had about him/her. As of now your relationship has hit a purple patch.

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