Know what THE FOOL symbolizes and how it influences your life


The fool card depicts a young man striding ahead into a fresh sparkling world. He has just begun a new journey and looks exceptionally exuberant, energetic and a bit animated. This card is numbered zero, symbolizing infinite potential and countless opportunities that await this young enterprising fellow. He is carrying nothing but a little bale for the possible tough times that he might encounter on this long, exciting journey. In fact, he is about to come face to face with a challenging circumstance. As he gazes over the beautiful skyline of the snow capped mountains in front of him, below lies a dreadful cliff. If he takes a step further, he’ll topple. However, it doesn’t seem concerning to this young man - it is difficult to comprehend whether he is naive or just completely unaware of the danger that lies in front of him. The dog accompanying him is barking to draw his attention towards the cliff, and if he doesn’t realize soon how precarious the surroundings are, all his dreams might end fatally.


The Fool is the very first card in the Tarot deck. It principally represents a fresh new start, self-belief, carefree attitude, unawareness, unpredictable situation, inexperience and a little bit of beginners luck.


An upright fool is the card of a new journey, one that witnesses you at your best. You are brimming with confidence and will cut loose from everything that constraints your growth. In Tarot reading, the fool card encourages you to take the leap of faith and pin your hopes in the universe. It encourages you to stay resolute in confidence regardless of how impractical or foolish your actions may seem. It is an excellent card if you ever question your judgment or finding it difficult to persist with your choices.

The upright fool card is like a bolt of energy that pushes you forward to take risks, explore new fields, lay your hands on opportunities that may look a bit far-fetched. It gives a little nudge to the curious side in you and inspires it to lift its spirits and get going. In a line - The fool is about taking chances and letting the world unfold!


With a reverse fool card, you can generally find more negative aspects on showcase. It means you are overlooking all the outcomes that are consequences of your actions, like a real fool. Your daredevil sort of attitude is not helping here. It is understandable that you want to break the shackles and free yourself from mundane daily routine, but it’s making you reckless. Similar to the man in the card, you too are drenched in the overflowing emotions of youth. In Tarot reading, a reverse fool is a statement of caution that you’re getting carried away with your ways and there can be some severe repercussions for the same. Apparently, there are various other meanings to it depending upon the querent, but in the most general sense, a reverse fool represents uncertainty and danger.


The Fool Tarot for Love indicates a chance when you can take risks in life. This card indicates that you are in fun mode and quite hopeful that things will go the way you want them to go. It is a symbol of positivity and hope and being fortunate in love and relationship matters.

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