Know what THE HANGED MAN symbolizes and how it influences your life


Hanged Man Tarot, as the name suggests, is a depiction of a man hanged upside down. It is a card which represents surrender and sacrifice of the highest kind. In this card, a man is suspended in the reverse position from a tree which is rooted in the world beneath and is holding up the Heaven. Such a tree is called the ‘Living World Tree’. The man has a highly calm expression on his face which clearly symbolizes that he is hanging there by his will. The right foot of the man is tied to the tree while his left foot is hanging free, bent behind the right leg. He has folded his arms holding his hands behind the back. The different colors of this man’s attire hold significant meaning. His red trousers symbolize the physical body and the human emotion of passion, yellow shoes symbolize the ideologies and principles while the blue coat symbolizes knowledge. The bright halo around him is a symbol of ultimate spiritual knowledge and enlightenment and the grey background reminds that one should never boast of their knowledge or spiritual awareness.


The Hanged Man is the 12th card in a tarot deck. If a Hanged Man tarot appears in your reading, then it is advisable to suspend your actions or decisions for a while. In simple terms, this card means to sacrifice or suspend something, for good. It wants you to let go of things which are bad and break the old patterns. This card is ruled by the planet Neptune (Element : Water)


The Upright Hanged Man appearing in a reading indicates a phase of indecision. It tells you to wait and postpone your decisions for a while. Stalling a decision now can open door to new possibilities and opportunities which can bring you much better results and give you more options to explore. This card can also depict some restriction. You might feel that you are stuck. The Hanged Man wants you to let go, open up and find an emotional outlet for your thoughts.

Upright Hanged Man can also mean a change of perception. You need to see yourself in an entirely different light. This is why some things are suspended so that you can discover the positive changes that you want to make in yourself. It wants you to sacrifice certain temptations in present to accomplish a much higher goal and steer your life towards ultimate fulfillment.


Reversed Hanged Man indicates getting stuck, lack of change and missing opportunities. It means too much sacrifice for almost nothing. No labour of yours will bear fruit. You are not able to take any step forward or backward; everything has come to a standstill. You have completely lost the belief in your capabilities. It indicates that you are delaying a decision with a hope that it will get sorted on it own. This may not be the case as you might have to take a decision for getting things back on track. It could also mean that you have become self-centered and arrogant and would not sacrifice your own needs for the greater good.


The Hanged Man in love reading wants you to let go of things which are taking a negative toll on your life, including relationships. Let go. Take a step back. Analyze. Suspend all your actions and let go of all the past baggage. It wants you to wait for things to unfold and find their own place.

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