Know what THE MOON symbolizes and how it influences your life


Moon is the card that relates to intuition and the unconscious. Moon is no natural solar body. It reflects the light rays from the Sun that are dim and can’t take you through, similar to the unconscious state. The Pool at the very bottom of the card represents the unconscious with a crawfish crawling out of it, symbolizing the inward attention and following consciousness. On either side of the stream that stems out of the pool are a dog and a wolf. Each representing the animalistic side of a person. One is domestic and civilized, and the other is wild and untamed. At a distance, you can see two towers emerging around the stream. Again, emphasizing the duality that has been a prominent nature of the card. The moon card represents how we walk on a very fine line between unconscious and reality. The two towers on the far side symbolize good and devil. Both look the same. Implication being - how we find it difficult to distinguish between them.


The Moon Tarot represents delusion and trickery. It a sign that you are finding it difficult to take a call. Things don’t always turn out the way they appear to be. Possibly you are finding it difficult to comprehend and you can’t come to terms with it.


There can be two interpretations of the Moon card. One, the imaginary world that you reside in is taking a toll on you in real life. You are on an uncertain path that looks promising, but danger lurks ahead. You are the crawfish that is crawling its way back to the reality. The moon is shining over and guiding you through with clarity and a strong sense of distinction. You should listen to the intuition and make a wise judgment. Again you need to be very careful of things that are causing anxiety and affecting your decision-making. It is an indication that you should be aware of the possible circumstances that follow your decisions. It inspires you to get rid of all the negativity that is surrounding you and turn them into something productive. Next, you’re stuck under the illusion. What you think is revealing the truth can be a well-crafted lie. You should not believe what you see straight away and be wary of appearances.


A reverse moon indicates the presence of negative aspects of the moon in your life. It could be depression and unhappiness - not only are you confused which way to go but you do not even know how to start. The only way forward would be to overcome all the fears, for they are anchoring you back into the unconscious. Another interpretation suggests, the illusion is starting to phase out, and you’re finally getting a good look at things.


The moon symbolizes deepest hidden insecurities and fear of being left alone that are over your head right now. All those feelings are starting to surface and it would be better for you to comes to terms with the reality. This apparently has no negative outcome, it’s just how you perceive love.

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