Know what THE STAR symbolizes and how it influences your life


Star Tarot is a card of inspiration, hope and new beginnings. In this card, we can see a naked woman kneeling by the side of a pond or a water body with one foot on the dry land and other in the water. In both her hands, she has two containers of water. While one pot replenishes the earth which is evident by the abundant greenery around, the other pot is used to fill the five springs of water. These five streams of water are symbols of our five senses. The 8 stars behind symbolize our eight chakras and lay emphasis on the need to open up, connect with our soul and cleanse the aura around us. Her one foot in water is a testimony to the fact that she is highly intuitive and deeply connected with her inner voice while her foot on the land is a symbol of her logic and practicality.


The Star card is the 17th card in the tarot deck. This tarot inspires you and instills a sense of faith and hope in you. If this card appears in your reading, then you are certainly blessed by the stars. It indicates an opportunistic and positive time ahead. The Star in your reading gives you a renewed hope and positively transform your life. The Star is ruled by Aquarius. (Planet : Uranus, Element: Air)


Upright Star is all about blessings, hope, opportunities, faith, inspiration and spirituality. This card wants you to trust - trust yourself and trust the Universe. A better future is waiting for you only if you trust that whatever you aspire is surely possible. You have been through a challenging time in the past and now is the time to heal, renew and transform. You are now going into a beautiful phase of life filled with calmness, better understanding and stability. Negative emotions have no place in your life as you look forward to enjoying new opportunities and secure your happiness.

The Upright Star is also indicative of the fact that you have more trust in your abilities than before which has ultimately boosted your self-esteem and increased your reputation. The Star wants you to have faith in your capabilities and believe in yourself. It makes you spiritually more inclined which brings a purpose and meaning to your life.


Reversed Star symbolizes negativity, disappointments, discouragement, and despair. It means that there is nothing good going in your life. You are being pushed toward negativity. Discouraging thoughts are draining you, things are not in your control and you have just given up. The Reversed Star wants you to find out the source of your despair and discouragement and then try and get past these issues to make way for some positivity in your life. Do not get bogged down or overwhelmed by the negative forces, rather, find a way to move past these obstacles.


The Star in a love reading is indicative of positive, happy and sunny times. If you are in a relationship, then your bond with your partner will strengthen. If you are single, then chances are that you might stumble upon the love of your life. Things are going to get better for you.

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