Know what THE SUN symbolizes and how it influences your life


Sun Tarot is a symbol of positivity and optimism. It is a source of light that comes up after a long night and fills every nook and cranny with hope and happiness. Here, the radiating Sun at the top represents the source of life. The child playing cheerfully in the front is the symbol of our true innocent self and the fact that we are connected to the divine power that runs the entire universe. He is in the nude, with nothing to hide. He is innocent and looks genuine. The white horse here represents power and judgment. It is standing without a saddle with the child sitting on its back. He is controlled by the bare hands representing a perfect balance between the conscious and the subconscious. He holds a long banner in his left side. Straight and wavy Sun rays beaming over it is a symbol for action and reaction. The blooming sunflowers in the background represent prosperity under the lordship of the Sun. The four sunflowers also represent the four fundamental elements of all the life forms. This Tarot card corresponds to the planet Sun, of course.


A Sun card in the Tarot spread is the sign of fulfillment, cheerfulness and joy. It shows how the entire universe comes in all guns blazing to help you onto the path of success and establish harmony.


An upright Sun is the symbol of abundance, vitality, and hope. Similar to the principal figure itself, the Sun, this card fills you up with life and optimism. You are at the top of your game right now, oozing confidence. Everything is going great, and the Sun is shining over your head. Guiding you forward to achieve all that you aspire. It is your way of saying ‘yes’ to everything in life. The Sun brings the message of simplicity and ingenuity. All you have to do right now is stay focused and continue with the way you’ve gone about things till now. Enjoy the freedom with living a simple life and doing what pleasures you the most. An upright Sun is the ray of hope you’ve been waiting for. You can finally see the light on the other side after enduring hardships. It inspires you to keep moving forward as some more good news is on the cards.


The Sun upside down, in a Tarot spread, indicates you are finding it difficult to consider the positive aspects to a great extent. Your sense of judgment is overridden by skepticism and overthinking. It is holding you back from moving forward. Despair is all over you as you’re not enjoying work, having troubles with your family and apparently nothing looks pleasing at all. It may take longer than you think to get out of this mental slump. Or it may be the other way round. Maybe you’re getting your hopes too high and expecting unrealistic outcomes. The Sun inspires you to get more thoughtful and bring you closer to the fact that the only way to move forward from this particular situation is by using your conscience.


The Sun in a Tarot reading symbolizes doing away with the doubts that were congesting your perspective about your partner. It suggests you are considering your relationship with a practical approach now. All the thoughts that were holding you back from cementing trust into your loved one are going to diminish very soon.

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