Know what THE TOWER symbolizes and how it influences your life


The Tower Tarot is a card that symbolizes destruction or upheaval. In this card, we can see a huge Tower on top of a rocky mountain burning in flames. There is lightning and people are falling out of the huge building to protect themselves from this destruction. This Tower is a symbol of demolition and darkness. The destruction is more of the physical self than the spiritual self. The thunderous lightning symbolizes breaking down old patterns to make way for new ones. It is like a sudden flash of truth which enlightens one and eliminates ignorance and doubt. The tall tower represents our aspirations, ambitions and desires which are established on false structures. The grey clouds represent bad luck or misfortune which rains on everyone without any discrimination.


The Tower card is the 16th card in the Tarot deck. It represents something unexpected or unforeseen. It brings an experience which is frightening at first but is something which is necessary to uproot our false notions and beliefs. The Tower indicates a sudden crisis which will lay the foundation for a better future. Tower Card is ruled by Aries. (Planet : Mars, Element : Fire)


Upright Tarot is all about destruction, renovation, crisis and unexpected changes. This card in a reading indicates that you are bound to face a shocking thing in life which is going to bring your world upside down. You feel insecure, disturbed and somewhat shaken. One catastrophic event will force you to question your approach, belief, standing and will shake your innermost core. It is going to affect you physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

The Upright Tarot destructs everything around you only to create something new. It will compel you to come face to face with truth by way of a shocking life event. It will make you more aware of freedom, liberation and the reality. It wants you to break down the guards and introduce your true self to the world. The more you try to hide, the more the external forces will push you towards truth. In simple words, no matter how hard you try, some old patterns will see destruction and you would have to accept the change.


Reversed Tarot indicates your fear of accepting change. You are afraid to bring a transformation in your life, even though you need it desperately, and you are constantly delaying this change. This time is difficult indeed, but you need to go through it as it will make way for a new and important chapter of your life. This discomfort is a temporary phase but is an indispensable step if you wish to bring that momentous change in your life. Stakes are high and it is a risky affair. But, you do not have any choice. So, do not resist it. Do not fear it. This phase shall pass and you will achieve what you aspire. A Reversed Tarot might also indicate a sudden disaster in the near future. So, prepare yourself accordingly and you might be able to avert it.


Tower Tarot in a love reading will completely topple your life. It indicates disagreement, tussles, conflicts which can often lead to separation. The Tower will shatter everything that is not meant to be and pave way for new things. Your relationship might end but only to give way to something more positive and constructive.

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