Saturday, May 25, 2019

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

This month your family and relationships will be your priority. You will feel less worried about the career and other things. Things will get brighter as each day progresses. The stars are emphasizing to follow your passion and interests to gain prosperity and success. You will eventually figure out the perfect plan to control your expenditures. Hard work and persistence will be rewarding. Your confidence and energy will give you overwhelming success. Workplace will be dynamic to highlight your professional skills. Bond with family and children to revive happiness. The mid of the month would want you to be more responsible with the family matters. This will also be a time when you will see drastic changes across job and professional fronts. Jupiter retrograde will make you think deep over your goals in life. So, take off from your work and evaluate what you actually want in your life.

This month is accompanied with love and romance. You will enjoy the pleasure time with your spouse or partner. Singles will likely meet their soulmates in social gatherings or public meetings. The transition of the Sun on the 21st of the month will fire up the feeling of romance and intimacy. You will feel ignited with the thoughts of long drives and romantic dinners with the shining light of the full moon. Interact with family to know their needs. The happiness of your children will make you feel satisfied and filled.

You will encounter the hidden opportunities in career this month. Unexpected changes in the third week of the month will motivate you to increase your efforts. The lunar influence will strengthen your professional instincts. It will enable you to know about the hidden opportunities of growth. Communication will be affected by the movement of Mars. Positive thinking may help you to be on greener pitch in times of turmoil. Journalists, theatre artists and linguists may achieve high growth in their fields. Travel opportunities to foriegn countries are evident.

This is a quiet month in terms of finances. People indulge in art and culture will earn good profits this month. Good return can be expected with the ventures in transport and general trading. Overseas travel and business trips may increase the burden of expenses. Investing in stocks and new plans will be beneficial. This would be a good month in terms of new ventures and investments.

This will be a good month in terms of mental and physical health. Adapting good eating habits will give you relief from chronic diseases like cough, cold and bronchitis. All work and no fun will make your health dull and your soul exhausted. Indulge in some fun activities or gyming sessions or pursue any hobby of yours to revive your soul. Sticking to unhealthy habits will show adverse effects on your body. Reschedule your daily routines and keep a check over the sugar level. Ignorance may lead to serious illness.

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