Saturday, January 19, 2019

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

This year is all about being confident, taking things under control, and making some solid ground in terms of achieving career goals. And the credit for this goes to Sun and Saturn conjunction which is a great combination for each sign and for you it gets all the more special because Saturn is your ruling body and starting this month, you can experience the positive impacts of this excellent dual.

Your major areas of interest this month will be finance, asset management, communication, entertainment, family, and creativity. Even though love and romance don’t appear to be anywhere near your zone, that doesn’t mean these aspects would be inactive.

Your monthly horoscope chart predicts that your aspirations will be closely linked to your family affairs. You’re one of those individuals who believe their growth is their family’s growth. You will also be helpful to some of your friends and colleagues with their professional goals. Sagittarius in the sixth house will help you be more considerate and lend a helping hand to others. This would only enhance your social and professional status.

This month cash flow might not be as smooth as you would have imagined as Mercury Saturn conjunction around the 13th will be obstructing the entry of Venus’ energy into the house of finance. Don’t expect anything substantial this month in terms of financial benefits and try to manage your monthly expenditures in a tight budget. We would like to advise you to cut back on your needless expenses and plan your month wisely. People who have just started a new business would be the worst stricken this month as numbers would fall flat and there would appear to be no way to blow some life into their existing strategy.

The Venus-Mars Trine could be easily considered an event that puts you back on the dating zone. You would finally be able to come out of the closet, express yourself better, and get a move on. There would be no strings from the past holding you back and you could once again start socializing. But married couples won’t be in the best of places right now as far as their relationship is concerned. There’ll be some past issues resurfacing and once again throwing you both off the rail. Communication and being able to talk about it would help you find a way out of it.

Career and health both look absolutely wonderful this month as per your monthly chart and there’s no foreseeable issue that is anywhere close to being a cause of concern for now. Stay happy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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