Saturday, January 19, 2019

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Geminians you can make of the most this period because Mercury-Uranus Trine pretty early this month is as rare an astrological event as it can get. Plus, there is full Moon on the 8th which is going to fill you up with energy and confidence to go an extra mile with your efforts regardless of the aspect. The planetary momentum is gradually moving forward in your monthly chart so you can expect growth in every aspect, especially love because Venus has extended its stay in your house of romance. This month you’ll finally be able to nail your pending projects and will also be in the run for a higher vacant position at work.

Mercury-Pluto dual around the fourth week this month reveals you’ll be pretty expressive with your feelings for your partner. This will help you finally come out in the open to actually let them know how you feel about them and your position in this relationship. This would be the best time to get big revelations off your chest and get a move on. And the theme of this is confrontation anyways so might as well speak up for yourself about habits, characteristics traits, and qualities that you like or dislike about your partner. As eventful as this month may sound like but you’ll enjoy a rather romantic time.

While the romantic aspect of your life will be on an upswing, health doesn’t seem to catch up with that speed and you’ll constantly find yourself struggling with some or the other health issue. And judging by your horoscope activities this month, you are more likely to face respiratory issues and problems like joint pain and back-ache. We would suggest you to relax and take proper rest to re-energize yourself and maintain a sound physical status. Also, this month avoid eating anything that is packaged or deep-fried. Switch to a more vegetable-based and fresh diet.

We can see a love and career conflict early this month which will keep on throwing you off track repeatedly throughout the year. You must find a way to strike balance between the two aspects to ensure personal and professional growth. Small business owners will have a mixed bag as there’ll be equal opportunities as there’ll be pitfalls. So try and exercise your ability to identify the right opportunity and resources before making any decision or investing for that matter.

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