Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

A strong and powerful yet hectic time is waiting for you this month, predicts Gemini Monthly Horoscope. You have no choice but to keep your holiday mode aside and get back to business. Till the 20th of this month, everything happening around you is happening in your favor. It is one of the most powerful phase for you as most of the planets are concentrated in one part of your chart. Take all the life-changing decisions that you wish to take in this part of the month as the stars are blessing you with the ability to steer your life in the direction you want.

Expansion is foreseen this month so do what it takes to widen your scope and make progress in your professional life. You will enjoy a different kind of freedom to walk your own path which will broaden your prospects. Although this month shows no substantial activity when it comes to your career but this in turn will give you more time to get down to things that are important and plan out your future prospects. It is the most suitable time to clear your head in terms of your professional ambitions and objectives. Those who are looking for a job or want to change will find success in the last week of the month. Businessmen are likely to witness an expansion in their workforce.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope sees the influence of Jupiter and Uranus in your finances. So, extravagant spending on luxury is likely. It is a sound phase for you as some unexpected returns on past investments is on the cards. You might go for some risky speculations and investments with a desire to make more money. Take a decision after careful thinking. You will get the support of your family in all your ventures. A huge investment in your new venture can give you the leap that you were longing for.

Your health aspects look strong. Health wise, you enjoy a good phase till 20th. After 20th, you might need to regain your energy levels. Drink more water and take proper sleep. Involve yourself in some sports to improve your physical as well as mental strength.

You will enjoy a good relationship with your spouse and other family members. However, your kids’ behavior might worry you a little. Those who are in a romantic relationship might have to keep a tab on their social activities to avoid any major or minor disturbance in their otherwise rosy relationship. Your personal status and reputation is your focus this month and we find you busy improving the same.

Any legal matters or problems related to any authority figures might start to get clear this month. So, the chances of these issues getting sorted are high which eventually will make your life a little smoother.

Overall it is a favorable month for Gemini. You just need to be a little cautious after 20th, rest everything looks well.

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