Saturday, January 19, 2019

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn’s new Moon in the very first week calls for a more responsible attitude on your part. You got to show how much you care about real-life problems and how you are responsible for every action surrounding your sense of judgment. This month, in particular, will make you feel needier and crave for more romance. So expect yourself to be around your partner longer than usual and constantly indulging in activities that would involve you two exploring uncharted territories in your relationship. Looks like you’ll start this year in the most romantic fashion.

Being the very first month of the year, you can expect it to be a little socially stimulating for you. There’ll be get-togethers, dinners, unplanned parties, late night close downs at the bar, and all kinds of activities that will involve you being a part of a social group. Single people can make the most of this month for finding a potential partner for them. And it isn’t just a suggestion, the star power, especially Venus-Mars Trine is backing you to get back on the road and start a new journey. Couples can finally look forward to starting a family.

Because there are two substantially important and consecutive Astrological events namely full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign, you can expect some drama at work and constant agitation cropping between you and a couple of other colleagues. There’ll be all kinds conspiracies and trickery laid out for you to fall victim to and consequently hamper your momentum. Therefore, you got to be very careful this entire month and also try and maintain your calm even if you are being accused of something that you haven’t done. Just hang in there, justice will prevail and the truth will surface out gradually.

Mercury in conjunction with Sun creates a great combination of two planetary bodies representing willpower and coordination. Two of the most essential elements to be successful at everything, especially something as dynamic as business. So this might be a green signal for those who are planning to get started on new projects and business ventures. Money flow will be steady throughout the month and you can enjoy unexpected sources of income popping up every now and then.

Your points of focus this month would be the expansion of your professional network, living up to your professional commitments and focus on projects that you begin. It would require you to maybe travel and be on the run for a better part of the month, so make sure you don’t neglect your health amidst all. Take proper rest, eat well, and try to slip in a few stretches and running if possible.

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