Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sagttarius Monthly Horoscope

The planetary alignment depicts Venus leaving your immediate neighbor Scorpio and entering into your sign. Venus is coming back into your sign after quite a while which is always good news as it brings along a massive wave of opportunities, confidence, harmony, and intellectual achievements. Even if there isn’t anything like it happening around, you’ll be so upbeat and positive about everything that it’ll hardly make any difference. The hotspots as per the monthly horoscope chart in your life would be academics, family, travel, and romance. You’ll be all constructive and energetic this month and we hope you channel this energy into doing something extravagantly magnificent.

A month as great as this comes once or maybe twice a year, and you should consider yourself pretty lucky that you are starting your new year with such outstanding energy and positivity. This would truly set up the tone for a great future ahead. You’ll be self-sufficient, reliable, dedicated and your potential as an individual will rise to some great heights this month.

Finances are looking absolutely tremendous this month. There are some significant monetary benefits coming your way in the form of unexpected cash inflow, increased pay cheques, and unaccounted incentives. However, this might look like one heck of a month financially, but this still might not be the best time to buy anything pricey especially something related to real estate or piece of jewelry. Also, this month you will be landing on some productive and significant financial decisions that will accelerate your growth to an unbelievable pace.

It is a highly active month for the matters of romance and love. Those who are in pursuit to find a perfect life partner will have lots of opportunities to welcome a potential love in their life. And not to your liking, but there is a fair chance that your love story might begin in the most unusual fashion like while traveling or while attending a lecture. Married couples might take this month as an opportunity to spruce up their love life and may go out on an unplanned vacation to some beautifully secluded destination. Jupiter-Neptune square will make sure you take things to the next level with your relationship this month.

Health will be all great for almost the entire month but you need to still be careful towards the latter half as there are pretty strong chances of you getting under the weather or catching a cold. For those watching weight, this is the right time to make permanent changes in their eating habits.

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