Saturday, January 19, 2019

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

With the majority of your ruler planets in the sign of Aries for almost the entire month, you’ll come out more confident than ever. This month you’ll be absolutely fearless with whatever you do, speak or go for as there isn’t a sign of shyness or introversion in your personality. There are all the more reasons to be happy this month because for the fact that you’ll be showcasing the Aries traits, expect some surprisingly innovative ideas popping in your head throughout the month. People looking for a job would be the luckiest though and those as well who are on the verge of switching to a new career field altogether will make some substantial progress with their initial efforts. This whole month you have a lot fewer things to worry about and as many positives to look up to for a bright future.

You have this eagerness drive going around every time you see something stimulating, and since this month will see the Pluto-Sun conjunction in Capricorn, you can expect that eagerness to shoot to a whole new level altogether. You’ll constantly be searching for newer and more innovative ways to deal with work which by the way might get you the opening you needed to get promoted. Another prominent aspect of your personality that would be prominent this month will be your temper so try and keep it cool and calm.

Your financial prowess is at fleek this month and there’ll be countless opportunities coming your way, suggests your monthly horoscope chart. Uranus, the planet of innovation and discoveries is also traveling in Aries starting this month so you can expect a ton of changes taking place in terms of monetary sources. This would mean, money would be coming thick and fast but from a totally new source. Despite the fact that the financial aspect is looking stronger than ever, you must not spend rashly. Real estate and new vehicular purchases should be halted for the moment, at least by the very last week.

It appears the moon is in your sign on consecutive days twice this month which is probably why you’ll be pretty emotional this entire month. Things that don’t use to bother earlier would surely won’t be easy to shake off this time around. Issues related to the respiratory tract may trouble you so be very careful.

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