Monday, December 16, 2019

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

This month begins with the Sun in your relationship sector, and it will end having Sun in your financial area. These two sectors will be dominant at this time of the year. Also, the month will start with the Sun, Venus and Mercury, together in your relationship sector.

As per the Taurus monthly horoscope, Venus will leave your zodiac sign on the first week of the month. On 19 November, the planet of passion and war -Mars, will return to your relationship sector. This may lead to battles, confusions and ugly fights with your partner.

You both will argue on needs and wants of both of you, and those who are in search of romantic partners should rest for a few more months.2020 may bring excellent opportunities for new relationships and partnerships.

This month can be a game-changer for your business and financial prospects. You may experience a few setbacks in business in the first half of the month; however, with smart strategies, you will harvest good returns in the second half. The Sun will help you in later days.

The presence of Mars will fuel your professional passion and competitive spirit. This is the best time to take back your professional power and positions which was hampered from last few months. Keep calm and stay focused on your work to gain maximum returns. Mars may give aggression, which can ruin your relations with colleagues.

Mars can harm your family relations too! Try to be more polite with your loved ones. There are chances of misunderstanding with older people. Follow the advice of your parents and calm down your temper on the moments of disagreements.

Health looks fluctuating this month. The first week can be enjoyed with high energies and good the Second week you may suffer from digestive or stomach related problems. Take a balanced diet and avoid dairy products this month.

Regular workout sessions may help improve your digestion. Too much aggression can be harmful to emotional health. Keep your Mars energies in check, as per the Taurus monthly horoscope.

Parents should avoid pampering their child too much as Jupiter is giving a chance for new adventures. Travelling can be beneficial if accompanied by business goals. Short weekend trips with friends and family may help improve your relations.

As a concluding note, We will recommend practising meditation every day. A calm mind can achieve everything. Keep working hard for your business or work projects, take care of your diet, solve all the misunderstandings with your partner as soon as possible-other areas sound well-managed this month.

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