Saturday, January 19, 2019

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

As per your Monthly Horoscope, you’ll be more focused on the family front. A Mercury-Neptune sextile mid-month will give you energy to support one of your family members to achieve their dreams. The planetary powers present in the lower hemisphere of the monthly chart make sure you remain strong throughout the span of these four weeks and don’t require any emotional support.

There is a foreseeable shift in the monthly planetary positions somewhere around the 17th, so it would be much easier for you to approach anybody and ask them out. This is an excellent time for you to evolve as an individual and maybe brush up your interpersonal skills. However, there appears to be planetary congestion that may crop up unexpected troubles in your life. So be prepared for that and make sure you are in the calmest state of mind while dealing with any of such issues.

You are looking solid in terms of career growth. Stars are in your favour and the Sun-Uranus square is going to further enhance your chances to get promoted at work. What’s more interesting is that this month you’ll be helping one of your friends with their careers thus creating a pool of good Karma for yourself which will come back at you with even greater positives. A pretty massive career change may be on the cards, and something tells us it will involve traveling to some other city.

Your finances will be on the rise this entire month. Your marketing acumen and unmatchable business skills are going to get you unbelievable rewards. Your Monthly horoscope foresees you following a strict financial plan and executing every bit of it with utmost confidence. Despite you being so disciplined about resourcefully spending every penny, there isn’t going to be any appreciable cash flow. Don’t get your morale down though and keep up with your efforts as future looks pretty promising and the things you set in motion today will surely mature into something significant later.

There’s a Saturn-Neptune Sextile on the very last day i.e., 31st. The significance of this event in the context of this month and your health may seem trifling but your monthly horoscope and the yearly chart says it would have a tremendous impact on your long-term well being. However, you should always be careful about your health and make sure you’ve checked all the boxes.

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